OMFG Our First YouTube Milestone! ^_^

Hey, y’all, Raven here! ^_^

I promised it, so here it is! My first ‘yey and thank you’ video for reaching what I consider to be a milestone figure of YouTube subscribers.

Yes, it may be a small one, but it’s (very) important to me and I’m so, so (SO!) thrilled to get there.

So this is something a little bit new: I treat you all to a dose of my face ( #SorryNotSorry ) and a genuine reaction to the work of a YouTuber I’ve recently become obssessed with—buuuuuh, I mean I’ve recently come to admire.

Yes, here is my delighted, squeal-heavy reaction to the talented performance of CardlinAudio, speaking words from a script I wrote ( /fangirl squealing ) called ‘Welcome Home, Daddy.’ Find his video for that here.

I hope you enjoy this and share it with all your smexxy friends. Do that enough and, who knows, maybe there will be another of these videos out soon enough. *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint etc*

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