You Wantz Free Stuff?

Let it never be said I don’t give you anything.

I have a few treats here to make it worth your while sticking around. Things that, so long as they are on this page will always be free. As time goes on I’ll add to this page and the treats will include full stories, first chapters and sound files. Some of these things will also be available on the blog I share with my other half, but for the most part, things here won’t be found anywhere else.

Like the sound of that?

Use the links in the drop down (or below) to find what you want. There will be more information related to each gift on the individual pages linked to them.

Slippers & Chains, Series One
Episodes One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
(YouTube videos)


Raven’s Diary:
Meeting Master (full story)


Raven’s Diary:
Raven’s New Pet, Chapter One
~the rest of this story is available to subscribers only

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