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My name is Raven ShadowHawk and I write erotica.

You’ll find that my definition of erotica varies from time to time, but, in general, anything to get you hot under the collar, while exploring the intricacies of human relationships . . . that is erotica as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been writing for a long time, though I went independent in 2013, publishing my first short story through my label Little Vamp Press. Since then I’ve not looked back, publishing shorts, collections, novellas and novels, across erotica as well as fantasy and thrillers.

I have two little boys, an understanding partner and a sit-standing desk (surrounded by pens, papers and purple sticky notes) currently stuck in the sitting position. ūüėČ I enjoy¬†fruit tea, Netlfix, eating chocolate and pretending I understand anything to do with¬†poetry.

For quarterly updates, check out my mailing list where I share info on new releases, appearances and freebies. Yes . . . I give out freebies.

Peace. x
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